Climate Change ⸻

Climate change poses one of the greatest threats to cities and modern societies, as it has numerous and far-reaching consequences. To mitigate its impacts, the adoption of environmentally friendly policies is necessary.

The city of Trikala is embarking on its green transition journey, aiming to minimize its carbon footprint and aspiring to become one of the first Greek cities committed to implementing a specific strategy towards climate neutrality. This initiative significantly improves the quality of life for citizens and creates the conditions for a sustainable city and a dynamic local economy.

Actions for climate and sustainability

Projects and strategies of the Municipality of Trikala for mitigating the impacts of climate change and promoting sustainable development


Climate Neutrality by 2030

The European Mission for «100 Climate Neutral and Smart Cities until 2030» by and for citizens.

Απγραφή αερίων θερμοκηπίου

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory

The Municipality of Trikala is committed to taking action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, implementing initiatives aligned with environmental protection and the sustainability of the local ecosystem. With this perspective, the Municipality conducted a greenhouse gas emissions inventory for the reference year 2019, aiming to identify emission sources and develop strategies for their reduction.

This inventory serves as a crucial tool for shaping policies and measures that will contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in our local area. Based on the results of this inventory, the Municipality can identify key sectors of activity associated with high emissions, as well as prioritize potential sources that need to be addressed.

Following the analysis of the inventory findings, specific measures are proposed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These measures include promoting the use of renewable energy sources in buildings and infrastructure,  promoting public transportation and electromobility, as well as encouraging citizens and businesses to adopt environmentally friendly practices.

Emissions per sector
393.503 tones CO₂e

Static Energy

Buildings consume huge amounts of energy every day for heating, lighting and cooling, which results in the emission of gases such as CO2 and other pollutants into the atmosphere.

16.599 tones CO₂e


Waste management is an important issue linked to environmental pollution. The emission of harmful gases such as methane and CO2 burdens the environment and health every day.

45.198 tones CO₂e


Transport is one of the most important factors in the production of pollutants. Every day millions of means of transport move emitting huge amounts of CO2 and other harmful gases.

2.419 tones CO₂e


Industrial processes and the use of various products are important factors in the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere, with serious effects on the environment and human health.

Τρίκαλα 2030
Trikala 2030 ⸻
Strategic priorities
Strategic priorities ⸻


Urban renovations


Energy upgrades

11mil €



Bicycle network
Τρίκαλα 2030

Climate City Contract

With the Climate City Contract (CCC), the Municipality undertakes the commitment to take measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve environmental protection.

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