City Forums

Comprising citizens, businesses, and organizations related to specific intervention areas, these forums will provide local insights, expertise, and ideas crucial for implementing the key actions outlined in the Climate City Contract. Regularly organized by the Municipality, they serve as platforms for collaboration, information exchange, co-design, and transparency.

Participatory Platforms

Where individuals and organizations can collaborate and communicate for the planning and improvement of climate policies, among other initiatives. This approach enhances the sense of commitment among participants and improves transparency.

Educational Campaigns

Creating a culture of environmental responsibility requires continuous information, education, and engagement of citizens and stakeholders through awareness campaigns, workshops, seminars, and activities.

City Media

In addition to the Municipality’s social media accounts and website, dedicated platforms have been created to promote Trikala’s journey towards climate neutrality. These specialized websites and social media accounts serve as central points for disseminating information about climate action initiatives, goals, and progress, ensuring easy access for the community.

Incentive Programs

Through the “Restart MAi City” project focusing on smart city solutions, the Municipality is creating incentive programs and applications for active citizen participation in climate policies. This initiative will be enhanced through the use of reward programs using digital local currency.

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